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Here's a brief overview of 1164's life, noting some of the key structural changes and events that shaped its long history.  Thanks again to Jeff Anderson and Ben Saucer for their input.  If you discover anything I've left off the list, please e-mail me and I will include it!

1930s? 1164 garage built, originally belonging to 1162; featuring open X's in the roof parapet.
1942 Garage seen in movie Blondie Goes to College.
1946-1950 A twin garage added onto the northwest corner.
Roof parapet changed to familiar closed X's.
1955-1959 Garage painted darker color.
1959 Double garage removed.
Garage painted white again.
Overhead door changed to that from Bewitched.
1961-1962 Overhead garage door changed (temporarily) to a vertical-panel design.
1962-1963 1164 house built onto garage.
1964 Lawn and shrubbery removed for Bewitched episode #2 (and replanted).
1964-1966 Sidelights by front door changed to wider versions.
1966 Garage door rehung upside down.
1967 House painted light blue.
1966-1970 Garage painted with green and yellow stripes for an episode of I Dream of Jeannie.
1973-1981 Clapboard siding added to main front gable of house.
Crown added above the triangular bay window cover.
Windows changed from double-hung to casement.
North-facing part of front dormer with 3 adjoining windows.
East french door on brick part changed to a small window.
Brick painted white.
Front X's of garage parapet covered.
1981-1983 Hole put in front shed dormer roof; fire stunt performed for an episode of Private Benjamin.
1982-1985 Temporary gable added to garage roof.
1985-1987 New gable added to garage roof.
New (but similar) X's added to front of garage beside the gable.  Side X's unchanged.
1987-1988 House radically changed for the Richard Pryor film Moving.
1988-1989 House and street restored.
Brick painted traditional red color.
Shutters painted blueish green.
1991-1999 Sprinkler system installed inside 1164.
Dramatic fire stunt performed for an episode of Home Improvement.
2000-2001 Corrugated aluminum back installed on 1164.
2001-2002 Main chimney replaced.




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