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Hop on your broom and let's go for a flight over the Stephens' house!  Click on any of these links to view my three galleries of aerial imagery of 1164.  All photos below and linked herein are the intellectual property of Adam R. Jones and are not to be copied, printed or redistributed in any fashion without my written consent.

Check out these sooper dooper close-up shots of 1164 from Sunday, January 17, 1999.  Thankfully we didn't crash into the Flying Nun or Uncle Arthur dressed up as Superman.  These images are from about a year before Warner Bros. installed the protective metal back on 1164, so you can see right into the open façade in some of the shots.

   Video #1
Here is a short sequence of images from Friday, April 24, 1998.  It's looking west at 1164 from a flyby over Hollywood Way.  The video camera was an older one and didn't have a very good zoom lens on it, but the stills are nice anyway, since the grass was lush and green.

   Video #2
Here's a closer video tour of 1164 from my January 1999 helicopter ride.  If Serena was at the Stephens' visiting, she might have thought her old date Harrison Woolcott was dropping in for a visit, as he did in Bewitched episode #245.  (I wish I could zap up my own private helicopter!)



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