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   Bewitched @ Harpies Bizarre
It's what all the wise witches are reading!  Check out this cutting-edge website for all sorts of Bewitched articles, info and great on-line games!  It is one of the web's newer sites, but has easily surpassed most other Bewitched sites in quality and quantity.

   The Bewitched Continuum
This is the official Facebook page of author Adam-Michael James's delightful compendium of all 254 Bewitched episodes, The Bewitched Continuum.  Buy it now at a bookstore near you or online!  This massive book contains a rich assortment of facts, trivia, bloopers and other anecdotes for the entires series.

   The Bewitched and Elizabeth Montgomery Page
Almost as old as this website, bewitched.net has long been a favorite among Bewitched fans, with heaps of original photos, collectibles and other info.  (Unfortunately they REMOVED my URL from their links after I added other links to my site years ago... Bats wings and lizard tails!!)

   C'mon, Get Happy!
Also friends of 1164.com, these webmasters have cooked up a great Partridge Family site.  Hop aboard the psychedelic bus and check out their FAQs, episode guide, memorabilia, message board, chat room, articles and lots of other groovy stuff.

   The Munsters
Here's the official Munsters website, brought to you BY the Munsters!  Host Eddie Munster (sometimes known as Butch Patrick) brings you this comprehensive site about the folks from 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

   TV Land
Check out this official webpage of TV Land and Nick at Nite.  They've got the current show schedules, theme songs, games, message boards, and boatloads of other facts and fun about your favorite TV shows.



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