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Warner Bros. Ranch
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[USGS MAP]Please note: The Ranch is closed to the public.  If you are interested in a studio visit, check out Warner Bros.' excellent VIP Tour of their main studio lot 1 mile south of the Ranch!
Warner Brothers' Ranch Facility is in southern Burbank, California.  As depicted on the map here, it was formerly called Columbia Ranch, after the studio that founded it.  The square tract of land contains a variety of exterior studio sets, a park, some soundstages and the WB Network facility.  Though the Ranch doesn't have nearly as many sets as it did a few decades ago (such as the old west set and many more city buildings), it continues to be a very active and convenient facility for movie and TV producers.
Just a few blocks north of the Ventura Freeway, the new entrance to the Ranch (Gate 11) is along Hollywood Way north of West Oak Street.  (Hollywood Way is the north-south 'dashed' road on this map.)  It is bordered on the north and west by Verdugo and Pass Avenues, respectively.  Warner Brothers' other lot and Universal City are just a few minutes' drive to the south, and the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport is about a 2½ mile drive north on Hollywood Way.
The "residential" area of Warner Bros. Ranch surrounds a small "suburban" park, complete with a swimming pool and fountain.  Across the west side of the park ("Park Boulevard") and south side ("Blondie Street") are the various buildings and façades seen in many classic TV shows and films.
Click on the tabs above to take a virtual tour of the Ranch.  I have named each structure based on its role in certain TV shows and/or films, especially since many of them don't have permanent, official names.


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