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   Salem, Massachusetts
One of America's oldest seaports, Salem has become famous for its witch trials and the many historic structures still around today.  Don't miss the town's "Haunted Happenings" celebration each Halloween!

   Salem Witch Museum
Explore the facts and fiction surrounding the infamous Salem witch hunts!  A visit to the museum will whisk you back to the 1600s for a life-like experience you won't forget.  Don't miss their photos of Samantha and Endora!

   The House of the Seven Gables
The namesake of Nathaniel Hawthorne's famous novel, this venerable old house still stands with many stories to tell.  Step inside and learn the rich history behind the rambling mansion.  On the grounds also stand Hawthorne's birthplace, the Retire Becket house, and Visitor Center.

   The Hawthorne Hotel
The finest hotel in downtown Salem, the Hawthorne Hotel continues its long tradition of excellence, with luxurious and well-appointed rooms for everyone.  Even the Stephens stayed here; don't miss their photos in the lobby hallway!

   Gloucester, Massachusetts
Gloucester remains America's most famous fishing town, and remains a popular destination on Cape Anne.  This quaint town has plenty of shops and landmarks, such as the famous Fishermen's Memorial, pictured here.

   Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center
Come explore and celebrate Gloucester's long marine history at GMHC's museum and docks on Harbour Loop in downtown Gloucester.  This is where Warner Bros. filmed The Perfect Storm, and the ill-fated Andrea Gail's sister ship (also used in the film) is open to visitors.

   Out of Gloucester
Help remember the thousands of seamen whose lives were lost at sea.  This site pays tribute to the undying spirit of Gloucestermen, past and present, who test their meddle on every voyage out of Gloucester.

   Gloucester House & Morning Glory Coffee Shop
Stop in and taste Gloucester's finest cuisine, whether it's a fresh lobster dinner or quick breakfast at the Morning Glory Coffee Shop.  It is still owned and operated by the same family who served up Samantha and the Tates the best catch in town in 1970!

   The Old North Church (Boston)
Towering behind the famous Paul Revere monument in Old Boston, this historic chapel welcomes visitors to explore its cultural history and ties with Paul Revere himself.  Check out their website for scheduled events, driving directions and much more.



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