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Welcome to the original Bewitched bloopers page on the Internet!  I have witched up a giant list of Bewitched & 1164 bloopers, arranged by season and episode number.  Many thanks to all who have donated blooper sightings and/or images, especially Harpies Bizarre, Paul Yeager, Ben Saucer, Bill Lane, Sarah Harvey, Mark Andricola, Michelle Mullins and Keith Cronin.  Additonal thanks goes out to Jim Lee and Judge MacLaughlin.  If you spot any more bloopers or strange occurences and your name is not Gladys Kravitz, feel free to e-mail me!
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Bewitched #1, #30 and #72
In the flashback sequences of episode #72 where Samantha and Darrin go back in time to before they were married, Samantha wears an oval ring with a square black stone on her left hand ring finger.  But in the pilot episode, she wore no ring on her left hand before they were married!  In episode #30, she holds up the ring and declares it as her wedding ring to George the warlock.  (She wore it as such in episodes #22 through #55, and occasionally on her right hand in episodes thereafter, as in the present-tense sequences of #72.)  There is also a similar ring mix-up in the flashback sequences of episode #74.
Bewitched #1 and #109
Déjà vu!  In episode #109, Samantha uses a nearly identical spell as in episode #1 (her first spoken incantation).  In the first episode, Sam is trying to get rid of Endora, and in the toy soldier episode, she is trying to get Tabitha's toys back to the right size.  It goes, "One re or re ickery Ann.  Phillison follison Nicholas John.  Queevy quavy English Navy.  Stiglam staglam (buck/rack).  (B-U-C-K/B-A-C-K) spells (buck/back) and (out/back) goes you!"  Of course, in both cases, the spell does absolutely nothing.
Bewitched #1 and #126
In the pilot episode, when Sheila's wig gets blown off, she has dark hair.  In episode #126, when the wig flies off, she is a blonde!
Bewitched #2, #4, #82, #129, #247 and #253
Samantha must have kept her magazines for quite a while!  The same issue of "Harpies Bizarre" appears in all of these episodes!  Endora reads it in #2, #4, #82 and #129, Serena in #247 and Hagatha in #253.
Bewitched #7 and #27
Samantha and Aunt Clara must have photographic memories, for they perfectly re-enact a whole scene from episode 7 in episode 27, that being the scene with Aunt Clara trying to walk through the wall.  This is one of several uses of repeat footage, just as when Bertha walks through the same wall in these episodes.
Bewitched #7 and #180-181:
The incantation "Zolda, Pranken, Kopek, Lum!" was first used by Samantha's aunts to cause a cup of tea to come forth.  But the same incantation had an entirely different result, when Darrin used it (with the aid of Maurice's magic watch) to zap himself to the office and back!
Bewitched #9 and #35
More déjà vu!  If you think you've seen this shot more than once, you are right!  This clip of Samantha and then Endora "zooming" out (shrinking and fading), along with Endora's line, "That's my gal!" was used in both episodes.
Bewitched #75 thru #170
Here's a Hanna-Barbera goof!  In the second version of the opening theme during seasons 3, 4 and 5, just as the cloud of smoke fills up the screen, one of the lines disappears for a frame then comes right back!
Bewitched #77, #95 and #165
Even more déjà vu!  This "follow the bouncing ball" clip was seen at the beginning of three different episodes.  Right after this clip in episode #165, Samantha's hair instantly "grows" six inches longer because of this.
Bewitched #151, #248 and #251
Tabitha's school teachers sure look alike!  That's because Maudie Prickett played all THREE of them: Mrs. Burch, Miss Vogal, and Mrs. Peabody!
Bewitched #157, #177 and #219
The "Fuzz" in episode #219 is just like the ones in #157 and #177.  If that's not enough, the "Fuzz" also appeared in an episode of "My Favorite Martian"!
Bewitched #160 and #163
The same foyer set is used in Miss Parsons' home in episode #160 and again in Mr. & Mrs. Stephens' house three shows later!  This set was modeled to resemble the front entrance of 1162, the house just east of 1164 on the studio backlot.
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Bewitched #173, #183 and #225
In episode #173, Larry supposedly lives five minutes away from the Stephenses, which agrees with episode #225, where his house is within walking distance.  Yet, in episode #183 (between these other 2 episodes), Darrin points out that 1164 is out of the way for Larry to stop by on his way home.
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Bewitched #204 and #230:
In episode #204, Endora says she dated Sir Walter Raleigh when Samantha was a little girl, but in episode #230, she says that she wasn't born by 1542!
Bewitched #211 and #237:
There's a dent in the rear fender of the Stephens' 1970 Impala convertible!
[No picture available yet]
Bewitched #?:
In a black-and-white episode, Darrin and Larry are at the office in a meeting with a client.  In the wall glass in the background, you can see a reflection of the camera equipment rising!
Bewitched #?:
Here's a somewhat revealing view of the real nature of those new kitchen steps.  They aren't real!  The staircase is very shallow, the depth of which gradually diminishes as you go up.  The topmost steps have no depth at all!  This is why most shots contain only square views of the stairs from the opposite end of the kitchen, so as to make you think they are a real set of steps.  There's another good shot of these phony stairs in episode #222, Darrin Goes Ape, when Gladys Kravitz runs into the kitchen from outside.
National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation
This isn't from Bewitched or 1164, but is worthy of mention.  Near the beginning of the movie, this shot of Clark Griswald entering his home at the Ranch plainly shows a "net" behind him.  (A "net" cuts down the amount of light seen through a door or window behind an actor, so the background is not overexposed.)  At the bottom of the picture, you can easily see where the red-lined edge of it is attached to the stoop!



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